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Vehicle production falls 33.5% in Brazil


Text and photo by Marcel Mano.

Friday, January 4, São Paulo, Brazil – Press conference of ANFAVEA (National Association of Vehicle Manufacturers), in São Paulo.

Licensing records shows a decrease of 25.2% in the accumulated January-November 2015 (2.341 million), compared to 2014 (3.128 million). The production of vehicles in the year to the month of November this year fell 33.5%, compared to the same period 2014.

October and November have maintained average higher sales in previous quarters of decline, according to Luiz Moan Yabiku Junior, president of the Association.

The vice president, Luiz Carlos Gomes de Moraes, attributes the decrease of 46% in the truck segment to changing government regulations in your marketing.

October forecasts are maintained for closure in December 2015.

Exports of agricultural and highway machinery in 2015 (1.362) are “similar” to 2014 (1.417), thanks to sales efforts.


October forecasts are maintaneid for closure in December 20015.


The association has always maintained that the crisis is political, not economic, and answered reporters about the possibility of impeachment with the same conviction. Very prudent.

Agreements business and growth in exports to Argentina on the way.

Production of assembled vehicles, from January to November of 2015 (2.287 million) is slightly above the year 2006 (2.226 million).

With enough inventory to 50 days of sales nobody ventured to comment on the future of employees away from factories through lay-off – temporary suspension of contracts, individual and collective holidays, paid leave.

ANFAVEA celebrate 60th birthday in 2016 May.



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